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Interesting how you say to keep the sexual chemistry going even if you're taking it slow.

Can you give some examples? I think you can still take it slow while maintaining sexual tension between the two of you. Slight touching in public, even kissing one another quite a bit, and just keeping conversations flirty without taking off your clothes behind closed doors unless you want to!

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That's how I usually do it. Basically what OP said. Let the other person know that the sexual attraction is there, but without having to spell it out.

Hand-holding, cuddling, nuzzling, lingering touches, it's all lovely. One of the primary positives that comes from taking it slow: Your first sexual encounter will have the longest foreplay of the relationship. It means she wants to take things slowly and I share her stance, I am in no rush to go head long into the unknown.

It usually means that she wants dates without having sex.

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Which I can understand, but it doesn't fly with men with an ounce of self respect. So you're saying that men with self respect wouldn't agree to take things slow and those who do don't have any self respect?

Correct me if I'm wrong. In as far as what i think you mean by taking it slow, yes. Like i get that women don't want to jump into bed right away and that a girls gotta eat. But anthing more than 5 dates without anything phisical happening is taking advantage of the guy in a big bad way. Because he's either dumb enough to stick around a barren relationship, or scared enough that he doesn't think he can find anyone else. What I mean is not rushing into anything too serious, too soon.

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You say anything more than 5 dates without anything physical happening is taking advantage of a man, and I agree to an extent. What do you mean by anything physical? Does kissing alone count or is that still taking advantage in your mind? Yes but while they don't rush labels they do rush sex and that isn't cool when it gets blown up in your face because somebody got too overwhelmed.

I don't know I let the girls decide how fast or slow our relationship goes. Usually they sleep with me immediately but sometimes they like to go slow and I'm cool with that, those relationships usually last a loooooot longer. Please do, but on a side note, one girl who slept with me the first day ended up dating me for 3 years so you never know haha.

I know what it means, but taking it too slow, then I am starting to loses interest.

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She need to show interest, affecting and then love. You can spend time together talking and exploring each other's personality, learning about each other in a way that goes deeper than something that is purely physical. Savor the simple things -- spending the day at the park together, holding hands under a starry sky or a simple dinner out with friends.

If your girl wants to take things slow, stop thinking about what you aren't doing and focus on the now. Think about how you feel when you're with her. Take your relationship day by day, staying in the present and not worrying about what will happen a week, a month or even a year from now.

She Wants To Take Things Slow, Because She Has Been Hurt Before

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Respect Her Your girlfriend has boundaries, and you need to respect them. Careful Communication Chances are, your girlfriend's preference for taking things slow is not just a random decision that she made with the intent of frustrating you. Practice Patience Pushing your girl to speed things up when she wants to go slow might prematurely end your relationship.

Actually, that goes for everything in the relationship.

How to Date a Girl That Wants to Go Slow

Be sincere about it, and cop to really liking them, but also wanting to enjoy it and see how it goes. A person worthy of becoming your full-time lover will appreciate it. Using your words will usually work. Falling for someone is a great feeling, but it can be scary. Home Love Dating Good Vibes 6 ways to take things slow in a relationship without stringing someone along.