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Frequented by lots of single Clevelanders, the establishment's expansive outdoor bar and deck, which overlooks the scenic Cuyahoga River.

They do not give two hoots about customers. Just the money they can get from you.

Its one of the most expensive dating sites there is.. Find out as much as you can about the lady before you even go to Ukraine. Hire a good Private Investigator. Well well Paul looks like we both fell for the Blonde Valeria Novitskaya as soon as I seen the name new immediately same lady she is here with her real profile http: I met Valeria Novitskaya too … did she have her friend Katie do the translation for you? They make a believable tag team. I bet she talked a great deal about her daughter Dasha.

She got me good. I learned a lot. A private investigator is a great idea before you go meet any of these girls especially ones Anastasia. Valeria was so beautiful and so believable.. No she did not use Katie she used Julia her other little sidekick. I use the name Hagar on other forums. Lots of text messages swearing undying love i was the only man for her.

Private Investigation team for 2 months was expensive but worth it. Like you say if ever any girl asks for money. As the Iron Maiden song says..

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Run to the Hills run for your lives…. Paul as I look back I blame myself. He says to forget about the goddesses …but i ignored that. She had me believing we had a special connection. She had me believing I was the only one. - Maria's Story

I spent a fortune on RLM chatting. I am sorry because of the time and emotion I invested.

I wasted a lot of money too … But now I have scars and wounds that have to heal before I can trust any woman again. I am very angry that Valeria took that away from me. Now I feel like I have to have a background check on any girl I date. It is just not worth the effort with them.

My journey to find a foreign bride

The culture just seems dishonest and they have made a big business of conning men that are looking for love. She was very very believable. When I looked at the scam sites she looks like one of the best scammers … But there are hundreds of them … Thousands of them. Without hiring a pi you would never know. Founded in by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate was among the first enterprises of its kind and now has a membership of over 1,,, with more than 80 million online visitors annually and 1.

A global company with offices in Russia and America, AnastasiaDate is committed to providing great value and service to her worldwide clientele. They have long been recognized as the benchmark by which other tour companies are measured. AnastasiaDate is proud to have the largest full-time staff in the industry. With more than full-time professionals hard at work in offices, AnastasiaDate is able to provide services and conduct tours with a level of expertise and professionalism that is unequaled by any other company.

This allows AnastasiaDate to offer services and profile amazing women from literally hundreds of cities and towns across the world, including all 9 time zones of Russia and CIS. The name was chosen as it conveys intelligence, beauty, mystery and cross-border relations.

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Rick you are not alone Valeria has scammed many many men. I honestly believe weaker men could commit suicide. I do not believe that for 1 minute. The story about her husband being killed is as i thought a BIG lie..

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  • I wonder how many fell for that ? I spent a small fortune on her. But something just did not ring true with her. Why she does it..?? I guess i will never know. I do not think she could ever be trusted by anyone.

    Anastasia International Dating Review

    It is a shame but life goes on. It will be a long time before i trust a women again. But 1 rotten apple does not make the whole orchard bad. Just got back from Odessa and I dated two of the gals from the site! Anastasiadate is just that a dating service. The girls showed me a good time and I got immersed in fine dining and got tours of the city. It was fun but a bit expensive….

    AnastasiaDate Headquarters

    I actually really got sick and the most intimate thing I shared with the gals is the cold I got. I feel real bad… but in hindsight it probably saved me some money. The people are nice and the biggest barrier I see is learning to speak the language. I met befriended some girls from the city and they are very nice!

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    I did meet some people from America not associated with agencies who where visiting girlfriends and looking for girlfriends, they looked much happier than the other men I saw at restaurants and bars who where with their honeys and interperters…. I will go back some time… still good experience but I will first learn the language. I chatted with many, planned to meet 1 in Kiev and 2 others in Odessa who acted like they were all excited and could not wait to meet me while also going there to attend the socials. So I traveled half way across the world to meet them, and those girls did not even show up.

    It is really amazing how heart-less they are. The other just continued to say she was there to meet me when NO-ONE was — they will say any lies just to keep you chatting and paying them money. Then the ones you meet there, have you pay a high price to their interpreters which they split up — and take home to their boyfriends. There are many nice people mostly superficial and they seem to have some high standards with certain aspects of integrity, but will scam you anyway they can get away with it — thinking nothing wrong about it — it is ingrained in their culture.

    As I know, there are very many discussions on Anastasia International on the Russian and Ukrainian women forums. As you see, the users discuss very hot their negative experiences with Anastasia. I am sure they will be very interested to hear your opinion on it. I wonder if the so called good stories posted about Anastasia is actually done by Anastasia themselves or there employees.. Out of the 5 visits there.. Only 1 showed up. He has now given up with Ukrainian women. There are many others to.. If you have been scammed report your scammer to as many sites as possible.

    Also google your potential partners name before making the journey.. Anastasia Date is the biggest scam ever.