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Scorpio guys are extremely empathetic.

They will be extremely supportive whenever you are hurting, and they will never judge you for your pain or make you feel like your emotions are invalid. They are very similar to Aquarius guys in their personalities. Furthermore, dating an Aquarius girl will always be so exciting because she has so many cool hobbies and interests. She will introduce you to tons of cool people, and she has a strong independent streak—she will not expect you to solve all of her problems for her, and she will never be clingy.

Basically, Libra guys are such good boyfriends because they really have their lives together.

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These guys actually know how to take care of themselves, which can be rare. Libra guys will be a refreshing change of pace if you have dated immature men in the past. She will probably change her tune after a month or two and leave you broken hearted while she runs off to flirt with the next guy who strikes her fancy! Aries women just hate the idea of settling down, so they do not prioritize long-term relationships. Wait, why are Taurus guys so date-able while Taurus girls fall into a completely different category?

Taurus girls are often too naturally independent to really want a relationship in the first place.

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Sure, as they get older this may change, but honestly, Taurus women often end up getting married later in life and prefer relationships where they can have a lot of space and independence. So, if Leo girls are so date-able, what makes Leo guys the opposite? Remember how we mentioned that some Leos can cross a line from being simply confident into being arrogant?

This trait is much more common in Leo men than Leo women. This is probably because of the way our society treats men—they are taught to be more confident in themselves, while society sends women many messages that can lower our self-esteem over the years. Every woman deserves a man who treats her as an equal, not as a second thought. Gemini women just love to play the field.

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Not exactly a fairytale romance, right? So, why should you avoid dating Aries guys? They are total players. He will simply break your heart, and trust us when we say that Aries guys are tough to get over! If you catch yourself falling for an Aries guy, get out of that situation fast! Sagittarius men and women can be so similar, so why would we recommend that you date one and avoid the other? Once again, it all comes back to emotions.

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But Sagittarius guys, on the other hand, will not be so kind. They are not always loyal—these guys have been known to cheat—and they are truly awful at communicating! If you know anything about astrology, you probably know that Capricorns have a reputation for being serious workaholics. Now, we are not trying to put down hardworking women at all!

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However, Capricorn women, in particular, are the type to drop everything just for their job. Gemini guys are one of the least date-able signs for similar reasons to Gemini girls. Simply put, these guys are serious players. However, Gemini girls will at the very least be honest about their intentions most of the time, while Gemini guys will not. Gemini guys are the type to get into a relationship but keep Tinder on their phones and scroll through it every once in a while, just to keep a few girls on the backburner in case their relationship ends.

They will text their ex behind your back, they will have female friends that seem just a little too close for comfort, and they will lie about all of this to your face if it suits their motives.

follow link Well, Libra women often have a materialistic side. They more concerned with their image than almost any other sign. This can pose a serious problem in relationships. They may only pursue a certain guy because they think he will make them look good—for example, they may date a guy with a high powered career not because they actually like him, but because they think this will make them appear more sophisticated and classy.

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Just like Virgo girls, Virgo men are often not interested in relationships. In fact, you may have doubted if some of your Virgo guy friends even LIKED girls because they seemed so disinterested whenever someone hits on them! Virgo guys like to do their own thing, and they are not very emotional. In fact, many men who were born under an earth sign struggle with the same issue.

They definitely have a ton of emotional blocks! Virgo guys need to be alone most of the time—they are not very social, and the idea of moving in with a romantic partner can seem truly suffocating to a Virgo guy.

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  5. They desperately need their own space and needs hours of alone time every single day. Therefore, they are not very affectionate. Capricorn men struggle with the exact same problem. Honestly, this issue is often worse when it comes to Capricorn men because men are expected to be breadwinners and earn more money in demanding fields.

    Therefore, Capricorn men will practically chain themselves to their desks in order to make money and move up in their respective fields. These are the type of guys who will sleep at the office and work hour weeks if it means a promotion or a raise. Many of them buy into the crazy girlfriend stereotype. Scorpio women can really struggle to process their emotions in a healthy way, and therefore, they will often take them out of whoever they are dating. This can turn into a real nightmare for their significant other. Scorpio women will dump all of their problems on you, expecting you to solve them.

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